The Thomasi Pleco and Reticulated Hillstream Loach concern me. The Thomasi’s water hardness doesn’t look good and the Reticulated Hillstream Loach wants colder water (max at 72F).

I am wondering if anyonehas some guidance to if these fish would be ok with rainbows. I have seen some sites suggest the Turquoise can go down to 68F but most list similar numbers to my chart.

Also, any suggestions/comments about the whole planned stock would be great.

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Since Posting I have found this tool: provides an interesting tool to help you determine your fish selection and filter demands.  It also provides comments on fish compatibility based on pH and other requirements.

Take a look if your trying to figure out your tank.  You will find a lot of folks that don’t like to use the standard rules, but if your like me, these things can at least get you started.  Just make sure you do a lot of research through multiple sources before you make a decision.  The main thing I have determined personally is that you set up must be able to process o ammonia, 0 nitrite, and <40 nitrate (ideally <20).  The fish must be compatible temperate wise too.  From what i have read and been advise, the water chemistry (pH, gH, kH) is more flexible, however, you must keep it consistent.