12 Feb 2016




When I decided to get my 120g tank, I didn’t even know about fishless cycling. The previous tank I had was a 12g and it “came with everything I needed to add fish immediately” after setup. While my 12g tank was good, I was not. I did most everything wrong when it comes to cycling and maintenance. Somehow the second set of fish did good before we had to move and I gave the tank to our daughter’s nurse.

This time I wanted to do this right. So I did a lot of internet research. I am even thinking on buying a book or two. After reading a few articles and forums about cycling in general, I decided that a fishless cycle seemed to be the best method. I also discovered a lot of things about proper maintenance too, but I want to stick to cycling right now. I am a few weeks in the process now. What have I learned so far. Be patient. I do not have any seeding material. So I have to be really patient. Though I did find an interesting option for those who want to baterial seed their tank while minimizing the risk of introducing disease to their tank (see the cycling links below to read more on seeding and the option).

I will record my personal fishless cycling table and chart. Please provide comments on what I am doing right and wrong. You can also provide links to your record or other articles/forums with good info. Hopefully others will find this useful especially new folks that are trying to figure out the process like me.

I am not going to provide another rendition on the definition of fishless cycle or provide why you should over introducing fish to do your cycle. After the charts, you will find some links to explore.