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Author: Joshua

Fishless Cycle

When I decided to get my 120g tank, I didn’t even know about fishless cycling. The previous tank I had was a 12g and it “came with everything I needed to add fish immediately” after setup. While my 12g tank was good, I was not. I did most everything wrong when it comes to cycling and maintenance. Somehow the second set of fish did good before we had to move and I gave the tank to our daughter’s nurse.

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Fish Selection

The Thomasi Pleco and Reticulated Hillstream Loach concern me. The Thomasi’s water hardness doesn’t look good and the Reticulated Hillstream Loach wants colder water (max at 72F). I am wondering if anyonehas some guidance to if these fish would be ok with rainbows. I have seen some sites suggest the Turquoise can go down to 68F but most list similar numbers to my chart. Also, any suggestions/comments about the whole planned stock would be great. Please go to the following to provide feedback or comment below: Original Forum Post Since Posting I have found this tool:

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